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Captivating Stories

Adri has a wealth of experience both in business and in life. Her ability to inspire an audience, leave them hanging on every word, and having fun is truly a gift.

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Practical Wisdom

Adri's goal is always to help move the audience toward easy implementation and  next steps. Seeing real movement happen in your business and life are the true measure of success.

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Skillful Truth Telling

Adri's stories will take you from side splitting laughter to confronting painful truths in a matter of seconds. Her ability to call out truths with tact is truly refreshing.


Adri brings tremendous energy and passion to her presentation. Her real-life experience as an advisor adds credibility to her message as she engages her audience using a variety of methods. Adri has a unique ability to both inspire her audience while providing practical strategies and tools they can implement immediately.

Christine Shaw

CEO, Investment News

Adri and I have trained thousands of financial advisors together at Citigroup Smith Barney. As a financial advisor Adri was able to put theory to practice. You can sense her authenticity as she captivates her audience.  She is one of the best public speakers I've had the pleasure of working with over my 37 year career in wealth management.

Mark Willis

Former Managing Director, Morgan Stanley and Citi Smith Barney

Adri is a dynamic speaker who fully engages her audience. Her experience as a financial advisor combined with her passion to see women succeed adds a high level of credibility to her message. Adri's presentation leaves her audience highly motivated and ready to make positive changes to accelerate business growth. 

Ann Rieder CFP®, BFA®

President and Founder
Regatta Wealth Management

I received an overwhelmingly positive response from every advisor regarding Adri’s presentation. The advisors were presented with a new way of looking at their business yet it seemed so familiar to them all along. Adri has such a wonderful personality and the ability to push people to rediscover why they do what they do.

Jillian Yorga

Regional VP Value Partner Investments, Canada Life

I cannot tell you how much I got out of your presentation, and how empowered I felt after hearing you speak. In the 19 or so years I have been with Lincoln, I have listened many excellent presentations, however, yours is the only one with which I felt an immediate connection, from which I had that electrifying "ah-ha!" moment.

Susan Barnes

Financial Advisor

Adri is a compelling speaker who desires to ignite her audience to action. Her presentations are informative workshops that engage participants to delve deeper into the branding process required to identify one’s tribal market. We are pleased to have her participate as the guest speaker at our inaugural event and look forward to hearing her speak again.


Independent Financial Partners Women's Advisor Council

"I believe it's a sin to bore an audience!"
- Adri

Why Adri is the best speaker for your next event:

The number one thing we hear from audiences is gratitude for Adri's refreshingly honest, fun, and practical style.

The last thing anyone wants to do is go to an event that is a waste of their time. Adri cares so deeply about this, that she pours 100% of her energy into making sure audiences walk away changed.  

As a globally recognized speaker, author, and consultant in the financial industry, Adri inspires her audiences to expand their vision of what's possible. She challenges the industry norms. And she provides the tools needed to make lasting change.

Pulling from her experience working in the financial sector and years coaching and advising you'll be sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to hear her next story.

Book Adri to speak today. Your audience will thank you!

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The Top Keynotes People Request

If You Hate Asking for Referrals, You'll Love This Way to Get New Clients

3 Key Components To Inspire Referrals Naturally Without Asking

Your clients love you, so why aren’t they sending you more referrals? You’ve tried asking in meetings, suggesting in letters, but it all feels pushy and wrong, generating dismal results. But as a woman, when you embrace three key components, you will naturally inspire ongoing referrals without EVER asking. Strangers will remember what you do and share you with others.  Clients will easily share your value in a more meaningful way and well friends and family. Using this approach, they will finally understand what you do and become your greatest source of referrals. 

During this presentation advisors will learn:

  • Why asking for referrals is NOT the answer and why you must do things differently.

  • How women advisors turn their purpose into a powerful referral generator.

  • Why the future of your business will be ALL about referrals. 

Managing Energy
not Time

How Women Advisors Accomplish More On Their Terms

Time, there never seems to be enough of it. Growing and managing a business, balancing the challenges of families and friends, not to mention your health and well-being, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. You start your day determined to stay focused, only to leave exhausted, realizing you never got to do what you are good at, bringing in new business. For most women, time is not the issue but simply a symptom of a bigger problem.

During this presentation advisors will learn:

  • The brain; what makes women unique and embracing the differences.

  • Why time blocking and more hours is not the answer.

  • How to integrate a new system that serves your life as a woman.

Classy, Feminine & Effective

A fresh new authentic approach to getting new business faster

Most women advisors have spent years adapting to a business model designed by men to help men attract male clients. Prospecting, selling, and closing while successful in their day were not intended to capitalize on women’s strengths. Today’s female advisor is embracing a fresh new approach to building a successful business that is more classy, feminine, and effective. Building relationships, inspiring and motivating creates an authentic foundation to a more successful approach to growing your business that feels effortless.

Participants will learn:

  • Why leveraging who you are as a woman is your source of accelerated growth.

  • A new authentic business model that feels effortless.

  • Why your unique message and model will keep you focused, highly productive, and constantly energized.

Women Advisors go from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Why Embracing your Brilliance Makes Success Feel Effortless

For too long, women squeezed their feminine nature into a framework filled with testosterone using processes that men designed for men to prospect men. For women to succeed, it’s not about working harder, faster, or better, and it’s certainly not about putting in more hours and working long days, oh hell no.  Women must shed the “old rules” for building a business and start focusing on their Unique Brilliance, the true source of their success, leveraging their unique brilliance to accelerate growth.Let’s be clear about one thing: the masculine model just doesn’t suit the woman’s way of doing business. It’s too impersonal, too structured. Women can’t connect through profiling questionnaires; we start with a warm smile and take it from there.

Participants will learn:

  • What does extraordinary look like, and do you have the courage to be extraordinary.

  • Why your unique brilliance is the source of extraordinary business and personal growth.

  • How to integrate your brilliance into your business with ease.

Engaging Workshops

Live coaching, strategies and tools to move advisors into action

An excellent workshop must deliver more than inspiration. Adri provides fresh, cutting-edge ideas advisors will implement right away.

  • An Investment Philosophy that Speaks Volumes
Leave the charts and graphs behind! During this workshop, you will learn a fresh new approach to presenting your investment philosophy that inspires immediate trust, clarity, and confidence, capturing more clients faster.
  • A Story that Builds Immediate Trust
Shorten the prospecting process by sharing your authentic story "why you do what you do.” This story builds immediate trust and becomes your number one tool, even turning strangers into qualified prospects faster.
  • Your Authentic Compelling Message
Elevator scripts are out! Join me as we create your authentic compelling message that speaks your truth and becomes a magnetic source of new business. No more prospecting, selling, and closing; it’s time to attract more business and inspire more referrals without ever asking.

Make your next event one that everyone's talking about.