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Elevate Your Financial Practice with femXadvisor

Female Advisors

The challenge for women advisors in this male-dominated industry is real. But here's the empowering truth: authenticity is your strength.

The Women on Purpose Training and Coaching equips you to build a successful practice or take your existing practice to a whole new level. You can embrace your uniqueness and thrive!

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Male Advisors

Success in finance today requires adaptability. For male advisors, embracing a feminine-inclusive approach is a strategic enhancement, not a compromise of masculinity.

femXadvisor equips you with empathetic, diverse strategies to broaden your client appeal. Elevate your practice by integrating this dynamic perspective.

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Corporate & RIAs

Building a successful team today means fostering a culture where women clients feel included and valued.

The Women on Purpose Training and Coaching equips your advisors with the tools to create this environment, ensuring their approach resonates inclusively. Embrace this change to stand out in client service and engagement.

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Women are more than the fastest-growing market for advisors...

Women are not only the fastest-growing market for financial advisors; they're a catalyst for a seismic shift in how we do business.

The old-school, hard-sell tactics? They're out.

What's in? A more feminine approach that resonates deeply with everyone.

$30 Trillion

According to McKinsey & Company by 2030, American women are expected to control much of the $30 trillion in financial assets.


72% of millennial women are primary decision makers in financial planning, reflecting a shift in financial autonomy and decision-making power.


92% of women are willing to pass along information and make referrals when feeling satisfied with a service provider.

4x Faster

McKinsey's PriceMetrix analysis indicates firms could achieve 4x faster revenue growth by acquiring and retaining millennial women as clients.

How to reach the
women's market:

Enter femXadvisor. We're not just talking theory here; we're offering a proven business framework, robust tools, and hands-on coaching.

This is your ticket to:
Attract high-net worth women
Create more referrals
Increase client loyalty
Build a client base that values real substance

Get ready to transform your practice and connect with your clients like never before.

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Become a Market Leader

Learn the strategies to become an influencer in the community of women.

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Reignite Client Loyalty

Enhance client retention and inspire highly qualified referrals.

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Secure Generational Growth

Apply our women-driven strategies to capture the next generation.

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Differentiate Yourself

Lead with your commitment to women to accelerate your growth opportunities.

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Leverage Engaging Events

Use our event strategy to attract, educate, and empower women more effectively.

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Triple Referrals

Discover how your female focus can attract more male and female clients.

The results speak for themselves:

"I first learned about Adri through her book Keys to the Ladies Room.  I then had my team of regional managers go through her training workshop. It was eye-opening. The men began to shift the way they thought and communicated. The woman in our team immediately embraced the concepts Adri taught, and it was so natural that I was stunned. Since then we have used Adri's program, her training, and tools to enhance our recruiting, train our advisors, and incorporate her strategies throughout our firm to better capitalize on the growth of the women's market."

Richard Marooney
Managing Director Prudential Advisors

"With Adri I found support, community, and confidence.  The shifts I made allowed growth to organically happen, and now I'm running a better business all around!  I've increased AUM by 28 million this past year; added a staff member; reduced my households, transitioned my office to be warm and inviting; and given myself permission to finally take control of the business on my terms."

Financial advisor & CFP

"Adri and I have trained thousands of financial advisors together at Citigroup Smith Barney. Adri is a powerful trainer because she delivers her presentations straight from the heart. She speaks with passion and a level of confidence that comes from a mastery of the subject matter. As a financial advisor Adri was able to put theory to practice. You can sense her authenticity as she captivates her audience."

Mark Willis
Former Managing Director, Morgan Stanley, and Citi Smith Barney

"Adri's program has truly transformed my approach. I underwent a comprehensive overhaul of my client engagement and review processes, all with a focus on appealing to the female demographic. Since these changes, my success has been nothing short of remarkable, with an astounding $60,000,000 increase in new assets under management."

Bill Cummings
Financial Advisor

"I knew I wanted to work more with women but I didn't know how, and as a man wasn't sure it was a good move. But with Adri's help the impact was so energizing. I have 3 referrals with over $20 million dollars. I have never been so focused and energized."

Craig Richman
Financial Advisor

"Since we started focusing on my women’s practice before officially launching, I’m up over $9 million in six months."

Alison, RW Baird
Financial Advisor
Adri Miller-Heckman

Who is femXadvisor?

Hi, I'm Adri, the driving force behind femXadvisor.

Let me tell you something – I've navigated the challenging waters of a male-dominated financial world and came out not just surviving, but thriving. My journey kicked off at Smith Barney, where I didn't just work as a Financial Advisor; I mastered the art of connecting with female clients. Those days taught me more than I could imagine, catapulting me into roles like National Training Officer and Director of National Sales at Women and Co.

Why did I start FemXAdvisor? Because I saw a gap, a massive opportunity. Women, an incredibly powerful market, were being overlooked. So in 2004, I said, 'Enough!' and launched my own coaching practice. It's not just a business; it's a revolution in financial advising.

I've been in the trenches for over 20 years. I've trained thousands, written books, and changed the game in financial marketing to women. I bring the real deal – no fluff, just hard-earned wisdom.

My style? It's different, it's fun, and it's ridiculously effective. I believe in shaking things up, enjoying the ride, and making genuine connections. Join me at femXadvisor. We're not just changing businesses; we're transforming how the financial world sees and values women.

Ready to make a real impact? Let's do this!

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Female Advisors

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Corporate & RIAs

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