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Powerful Seminar Presentation

A highly engaging presentation designed to strengthen client relationships, attract more female clients, and inspire 3x more referrals.

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Exhaustive Set of Training & Tools

We've thought of it all: scripts, invitations, worksheets, audio classes, and Adri's insider tips and tools.

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Marketing Resources for Your Event

Don't worry about getting people to your seminar. We help you with a step by step marketing strategy to ensure a successful event.


I am averaging one new client per week! My 6 month event calendar is in progress with events focused on women and their issues. The future looks bright!

Nadine Burns

Financial advisor

It's the end of the events where it all comes together. The women are so comfortable and often come up to me to share their personal story and situation."

Catherine Magana

WWM Financial Group

I had 9 new prospects RSVP using your pre-event scripts and had 100% turn out.  I followed your seminar to the T and started with my story, they loved it! Every woman committed to an appointment.  And I had so much fun with the whole process!  Thank You.

Tiffany Gauci Welka

financial advisor

I wanted a presentation that represented my unique message. I now have my own presentation that I am proud to present, and will be more effective at moving prospects to action. This is a game-changer.


Divorce Specialist

Women became our primary source of referrals the moment we committed to our Savvy Women Seminar. We started a radio show “SavvyUP” and the response from both women and men has been strong. 5 years later we are still offering this seminar because it works!


independent advisor

Recently I shared my new 1on1 presentation highlighting my women’s focus to a couple that have been long standing clients. The woman was SO impressed she called back the next day to invite me to dinner to meet two of her friends!


financial advisor

Why the Savvy Women's Seminar gets better results:

Designed to make marketing to women fun, easy, and highly effective...
  • The content is edgy and the presentation style creates a more fun and interactive event.

  • The presentation incorporates a new approach that women love focused on building relationships, inspiring, and motivating women to take action.

  • It’s about WOMEN not money. The presentation addresses women’s natural strengths and emphasizes a woman’s importance, value and ability to make smart financial decisions

  • Engaging and interactive, the presentation prompts conversation among the participants.

Will this get through Compliance?

This program has been approved by most firms across the country as the content is more about women than money but we have made the process easy. By clicking the button below you can download the PowerPoint and submit to compliance for just a $250 deposit. This gives you 30-days to review the material and get approval from your compliance dept. If the compliance department rejects the presentation, you get a full refund.
Compliance Policy for the Savvy Women's Seminar
As a good faith deposit toward the licensing of Adri Miller-Heckman’s Savvy Women Invest On Purpose© Seminar program (“The Program”), you agree to pay a deposit of $250.00 to receive materials relating to “The Program” for compliance, legal, or business review purposes.

Submit Compliance Deposit

If after conducting a business review, you decide not to purchase “The Program,” then $100.00 of the above full deposit will be non-refundable to help cover costs incurred in this process.

If, however, you do not receive compliance or legal approval to purchase “The Program”, the full $250.00 deposit will be refunded to you upon receipt by Adri Miller-Heckman of a signed letter from the undersigned’s compliance or legal department denying approval for the purchase of “The Program.”

All confidential information contained in the materials relating to “The Program” and all intellectual property rights therein remain the property of Adri Miller-Heckman and no license or other right to such confidential information is granted or implied hereby.
The Savvy Women's Seminar's © program is the most comprehensive and effective program available to help you master the seminar process and capture the female market.

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