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The Qualified femXadvisor Certification:

The femXadvisor certification program is designed to help female advisors transform their practice into one that builds stronger connections and relationships with women. As a femXadvisor, their process is more engaging, eliminates the concepts of prospecting, selling, and closing, and emphasizes Building Relationships, Inspiring, and Educating clients based on what is important to them. 

In order to become qualified as a Certified femXadvisor, the advisors must have completed our 12-month coaching and training program proving their commitment to creating a more engaging and productive relationship with women clients. This commitment is validated by their messaging and communication, client process, and commitment to create a more purposeful and practical education for women on an ongoing basis.  

During the 12-Month Program, Advisors Have Access To:

Live coaching with a seasoned professional with 30 years of experience working in the financial industry as both an advisor and compliance supervisor.
Webinars focused on all the aspects of creating a more female-centric practice.
Audio training to educate and demonstrate the processes necessary to build a business focused on women.
Savvy Women Seminar training to incorporate ongoing events to engage, educate and inspire women to feel more confident with their money.
Two full-day live intensive workshops enhance their commitment and desire to create a more engaging experience for women. 
Two half-day virtual workshops to develop their systems and processes to focus on the client's desires and concerns. 

After the 12-month program, advisors have displayed their commitment and ability to:

Articulate why focusing on women is important to them, going beyond the numbers and financial opportunities.
Communicate more effectively with women to draw women into conversations and create more engaging dialogue.  
Provide ongoing and regular events and workshops designed to inspire, motivate and educate women on investing and financial planning. These events promote more open discussion, challenging the audience to share and think vs. the traditional approach focusing on numbers, statistics, and pontification. This encourages more community awareness and opportunities for women to learn in an environment that works for them.
Articulate their investment philosophy and concepts so that women understand and better clarify the concepts of risk/reward increasing suitability and confirming objectives and priorities.
Create an office environment that is welcoming and aesthetically pleasing to women, and emphasizing what they need and want is important. 
Implement a client process that focuses on more meaningful conversations that inspires more open communication and sharing of the client's desires and concerns. 
Learn a new vocabulary that clarifies concepts without using typical industry jargon or speaking over the heads of women

Working with Adri 10x'd my business.


Financial advisor

Working with Adri 10x'd my business.


WWM Financial Group

Working with Adri 10x'd my business.


financial advisor

Certified femXadvisors

The following financial advisors have proven their commitment to improving the experience for women and are femXadvisor certified.

Kamala Harris

Vice President

Kamala is the vice president of the United States. We are unsure what she does.

Matt Carroll


Matt is a content strategist, copywriter, and web designer. He hires financial advisors to take care of his money.

Marilee Earle

Favorite Mom-in-Law

Marilee is Matt's mother in law and she is retired. I think she has lots of money. She is living the good life.

Angela Carroll

Carroll House

Angela is a mom of 3 boys in the Carroll household. They ask for money all the time and are expensive to raise.

Leah Muhlenfeld

Money Advisors

Leah started Money Advisors in 2015. She loves running her practice her way. Her clients appreciate her authentic approach

Lauren Haynes

Spark Financial Advisors

Based in Richmond, VA Lauren started her practice in 2017. She loves helping guide people to make the best decisions with their money.

Bring more authority to your practice by becoming a Certified femXadvisor.

Spots limited for 2022