Female Friendly Partners for Advisors

We gain no monetary value from these resources but feel they join us in their commitment to engaging women and the importance of creating a gender balanced financial industry.

Females & Finance


Females and Finance is an interactive online community comprised of both women and male allies who come together to bring conversation and candor to the four main pillars they are built on: Recruitment – Training – Advancement – Retention.

BigBigStory - StoryBrand and Websites


Expand your business with a clear and compelling message using the proven StoryBrand message framework. Matt of BigBigStory helps you attract more of your ideal customers by building websites and messaging that speaks directly to them. Checkout this website BigBigStory built for one of our FemX clients.

Mad Cap Creative - Brand Strategist and Designer


"I’d love to come to understand your vision, help you define your values, and craft your distinct brand story through thoughtful design and messaging that resonates with people’s hearts and minds."
- Drew Esnard of Mad Cap Creative

Proud Mouth - Podcast and Advertising


"We help you sell less and advertise more by amplifying your influence over a growing audience of magnetically attracted fans who'll chase you down instead."
- Proud Mouth

American women are the largest national economy on the planet controlling 51% of the private wealth in the US.

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