Breaking the Male-Dominated Mold with Arielle Bittoni CFA, CFP®

March 15, 2022
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For women working in the financial industry, it can be hard to distinguish your path. It’s often a challenge to stand out, especially when you’re one of only a few women in what seems like a world of men…

But it doesn’t have to be like that anymore–

In this episode, Adri sits down with Arielle Bittoni CFA, CFP® to talk about Arielle’s past, present, and a sneak peek at the future of her life in the financial industry. We talk about how 

Arielle’s love of numbers grew while studying at Berkeley, her past work in institutional trading and the sales industry, as well as her transition from the role of sales into a financial advisor with a company Arielle didn't fit into that gave her the push to go independent and co-manage her own company - Refresh Investments. 

Adri and Arielle discuss: 

  1. Arielle’s motivation in the financial industry to push her to the path of success she is on today 
  2. Her experience as a woman in a male-dominated industry 
  3. Why Arielle reached out to Adri for coaching and how the program enlightened Arielle on her path 
  4. The blend between numbers, analytics, and relationships as a financial advisor 
  5. How Arielle’s client focus shifted towards women and families 
  6. And more

Connect with Adri Miller-Heckman:

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Connect with Arielle Bittoni: 

  1. LinkedIn: Arielle Jacobs-Bittoni, CFA, CFP® 
  3. LinkedIn: Refresh Investments  

About our Guest:  Most of Arielle Bittoni CFA, CFP® clients are dynamic women who are doing it all, they’re constantly challenged with balancing career, family, and life leaving little time for anything else. When financial issues arise, it threatens that delicate balance, increasing their frustration and stress. Instead of looking for a quick answer, they’d rather discuss their issues, and brainstorm ideas and solutions that give them a clear direction they can achieve with confidence.

Arielle creates a collaborative environment where her clients can comfortably engage and discuss solutions that make the most sense to them. By helping to organize and plan out their future, her team can reduce stress and anxiety giving them back some of the precious time that they know is so valuable.

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