Embracing the Opportunity of Flexibility with Lynn Daly

April 15, 2022
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After being diagnosed with a life-threatening autoimmune disorder at the age of 13, Lynn Daly discovered the importance of embracing flexibility. 

As a female financial advisor, Lynn quickly learned that flexibility is essential to be more effective in your life and workplace.

In this episode, Adri talks to Lynn Daly, CLTC®, CDFA®, founder and owner of Daly & Associates at Focus Financial, about her experience as a female advisor in the financial industry and how her experience with a sudden illness shaped her path. 

Adri and Lynn discuss: 

  • Why Lynn shifted her career path from social work to financial advising 
  • Lynn’s experience with a sudden illness and how it directed her priorities in life 
  • Lynn’s current role at Focus Financial and her decision to focus on women
  • Why female financial advisors need to embrace flexibility in the industry 
  • And more

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Connect with Lynn Daly: 

About our Guest:  With a passion for helping high net worth women, Lynn R. Daly has provided financial services since 1991. It is this intrinsic desire to serve her clients’ needs that has led to her successes and longevity in this profession, and it continues to motivate her every day. By using a holistic approach to financial planning, her client’s financial goals and concerns are addressed as a component of the health and welfare of the whole person. Approaching everything with the “big picture” in mind allows her clients to retain the proper perspective, always focusing on the client’s long-term goals and future.

As an independent fee-based financial advisor, Lynn enjoys the ability to represent her female clients first and foremost, rather than any company or product. She feels that this independence is vital in providing balanced and sound financial advice. One of her key skills as a financial planner is her ability to discuss complex financial issues with clients in a plain and down-to-earth manner. Her organizational skills further enhance this ability to help her female clients understand and address their financial situation.

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