Hear Her Roar: Time To Stop Wallowing And Start Doing with Sheryl Hickerson-Brown and Matt Halloran 

April 26, 2022
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2022 is the year women take charge. No more wallowing in statistics, it’s time to change the industry. As women together our voices are being  heard. The movement has started.

Learn why women advisors are shifting from a mindset of scarcity to abundance,  from being territorial to collaborative, from competing to supporting and motivating each other. This is the path to success and a better world, men take note!

In this episode, Adri talks with Sheryl Hickerson-Brown, Founder and Chief Engagement Officer for Females and Finance, and Matt Halloran, Podcasting Expert, and Co-Founder of ProudMouth, all make a personal commitment that is destined to change the industry.

Learn what you can do as firms, leaders, advisors, support staff in order to have a huge impact on the women’s market.

Adri, Sheryl, and Matt discuss:

  • The financial industry is doing the minimum to support women
  • Why women will rule the financial industry
  • Why now is the time to take BIG steps to make BIG advances
  • What men MUST learn from women
  • And more!

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About Sheryl Hickerson-Brown: Sheryl Hickerson, CEO of Females and Finance, has proudly worked in the financial services profession for 32 years. She is an international speaker, an award-winning diversity advocate in the financial services community, and an award-winning financial services marketer.

About Matt Halloran: Matt got started in the financial services industry 20 years ago as a certified life and business coach. As he became immersed in his client’s biggest needs, he built his knowledge and expertise as a financial branding and social media expert.  More recently, Matt has added podcasting to that list.

Matt’s first book, “The Social Media Handbook for Financial Advisors,” available on Amazon, was a big hit. He’s been leading the social wave in financial services for years – teaching top advisors how to be human in an oftentimes inhuman industry. His second book, “99 Best Ideas”, was an Amazon bestseller filled with marketing ideas.

Matt has served in the Navy, is a trained therapist, been a radio host, and worked as a financial professional in his list of accomplishments. Matt’s breadth of hands-on experience positions him superbly to help financial professionals build the marketing side of their practices.  

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