Making Life Lessons Out of Life’s Challenges with Sheryl Hickerson

March 29, 2022
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Trial and tribulations can either be a part of what sets you back in life or what fuels the fire to start your journey to success.

In this episode, Adri talks to Sheryl Hickerson, Founder, and CEO of Females and Finance, about what it takes to be fearless. Women advisors, you’ll get how the journey to find yourself can quickly put things in perspective and change everything!

Adri and Sheryl discuss: 

  • Why Sheryl decided to start her own financial company dedicated to helping women 
  • What it feels like to be the only woman in a meeting 
  • The hashtag that started it all 
  • Sheryl’s MAN “Male Ally Network”
  • How personal development helped Sheryl on her path more than business development 
  • And more

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Connect with Sheryl Hickerson: 

About our Guest: 

Sheryl Hickerson, CEO of Females and Finance, has proudly worked in the financial services profession for 32 years. She is an international speaker, an award-winning diversity advocate in the financial services community, and an award-winning financial services marketer.

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