Risk it All to Become Unstoppable with Jammie Serrano 

May 25, 2022
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Jammie was presented with an incredible opportunity but she walked away…she was totally qualified but assumed they wouldn’t hire a woman and told them so and that’s what got their attention. She spoke her truth and it changed everything.

We all have the capacity to inspire other women to succeed…But when you finally have a friend who shows you the actions you need to live out your passion you become unstoppable.

In this episode, Adri sits down with Jammie Serrano, Vice President of Advisor Development with Advisors Excel, to discuss Jammie’s journey as a female financial advisor, and why she won’t stop until every woman has reached her true potential.

Adri and Jammie discuss:

  • Speaking your truth and stepping up. Don’t back away because it’s uncomfortable.
  • What would happen if more women spoke up?
  • “The office environment is totally manly and does nothing for women.”
  • “Your process is NOT conducive to building relationships with women.”
  • “As a female advisor, it’s not the money that drives me.”
  • And more!

These are the truths we need to speak and Jammie did it. This is how you kick-ass in business.

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About our Guest: Jammie Serrano entered the financial services industry 22 years ago with Security Benefit.  Although it was a male dominated industry it did not stop her from moving her way up and using her unique talents to thrive in an industry that needs more women.

She took the knowledge she gained into the independent advisory sector and obtained her insurance license, Series 6, 26, 63 and holds her Series 65 today.  Along with meeting with her clients she also helped a dear friend build an independent firm through seminars, radio, TV, direct mail, client events and more.  

The rapid growth of that firm caught the attention of Advisors Excel, the largest independent marketing organization in the nation.  She joined Advisors Excel in 2013 and is now Vice President of Advisor Development.

Using her industry experience from Security Benefit, Jones Advisory Group and Advisors Excel she was able to write a book, “Stop Guessing Towards Your Goals” and share her knowledge with others in the financial services industry.

She has been recognized within her community as a leader and a successful businesswomen and coach. She studies leadership constantly, to help her great advisors become amazing CEOs of their business.

When she isn’t busy traveling, coaching advisors and leading her team, she is a wife and mom of three beautiful children, Aspen (22), Oscar (12), and Olivia (10).  They keep her busy with sports teams and volunteering at the school.  

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