The Leap from Healthcare to Financial Services with Jill Minette

September 7, 2022
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Changing a career to enter into financial services can be exciting and nerve-wracking - Transforming your message and focus as a financial advisor can be just as scary, you know you want to do it, need to do it, but change is tough. 

For Jill Minette LLC, one negative experience was all it took for her to take the leap from a 17-year career in healthcare into the world of financial services. This wasn’t her last leap of faith; eventually, she changed her focus as a financial advisor to support her passion, and her business took off. 

Join host Adri Miller-Heckman as she chats with Jill about the fateful day that changed her career path, to being a single mom in a male-dominated industry, and how sometimes you must stop listening to what other people tell you and make your own decisions.

Listen in as Adri and Jill discuss: 

  • How moments of “what the hell am I doing?” can recharge your focus
  • Why speaking from your heart is so important
  • How working with Adri helped Jill flourish as a female financial planner
  • Why surrounding yourself with a like-minded, dedicated team can make all the difference
  • And more


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About our Guest:

Jill Minette: As a Financial Professional with Prudential, Jill can help you with many of the financial questions you have - from evaluating insurance needs to helping you prepare for college costs or meeting your retirement goals. Her promise: to work tirelessly to help you achieve your goals. At Prudential, they are dedicated to building and maintaining close relationships with customers– relationships founded on trust, respect and integrity. No matter what stage of life you find yourself in, Jill can help you find solutions to your financial challenges. So whether you're 'Just Starting Out,' 'Settling into Retirement,' or somewhere in between, you can discuss your current financial situation, goals and challenges – and together they can help you meet your challenges.

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